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Pictured above, Doll Delight Tori Bead Knitted doll purse -
measures 2.25 inches wide and 2.75 inches long.

At shows, we are often asked "what do you do with such a small bag?"

Here is a list of 10 ideas for our small purses:

  • 1. Doll purse
  • 2. Necklace - wear around the neck on a chain or ribbon
  • 3. Key chain
  • 4. Pin for coat/shawl/scarf
  • 5. Christmas tree ornament
  • 6. Packaging for a small gift such as a ring
  • 7. Child's first tooth can be kept inside the purse
  • 8. Charm on a charm bracelet
  • 9. Used as a pull on a ceiling fan
  • 10. Place to keep a loved ones lock of hair

    Here are some ideas from our customers:

    • 1. Use as a tassel on tie-backs for draperies - Thanks to Judy Cole
    • 2. Keep your $1,000. bill all folded up inside - Thanks to Bonnie Berg
    • 3. Use as a coin purse - Thanks to an anonymous customer

      If you have an additional idea, please let us know and
      your idea may be added to our list!

      Get prepared to be inspired, impassioned,
      and most of all delighted as you navigate through!

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      with any questions/suggestions!

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